G-TELP Speaking Test

The G-TELP Speaking Test is a Measure of General Egnlish Language Oral Proficiency

Task and Level Performance
The content of the G-TELP Speaking Tests reflects expectations in specific performance tasks in which the examinee is expected to demonstrate comprehensible oral proficiency while progressing through the three levels. The task content consists of the following everyday situations:

Level Task Performance
Level Four: Basic TASK 1 Giving Personal Information The speaker is able to answer simple questions about self and family, responding in words, phrases, or simple sentences.
TASK 2 Describing a Familiar Setting/Objects The speaker is able to name and describe a familiar setting and the objects within that setting. The speaker is able to locate and describe the spatial relationships among the objects in the setting. He/she may go beyond accurate naming of what is illustrated to describing some physical characteristics such as size, shape, etc.
Task 3 Describing Habitual Activities The speaker is able to name and describe personal activities so that the description is understood as a coherent sequence of events. The speaker may go beyond a mere listing of events or activities to elaborating them with detail.
Task 4 Narrating a Story from Pictures The speaker is able to relate a simple narrative illustrated in a series of pictures. The speaker appropriately describes the setting, people, and/or objects depicted, and coherently relates the chronology of events.
Level Three: Intermediate TASK 5 Expressing and Supporting an Opinion The speaker is able to present a personal opinion and express personal preferences, and to substantiate these opinions or preferences with at least two simple supporting arguments.
TASK 6 Giving Autobiographical Detail about a Place or Event The speaker is able to describe a place or event in adequate detail.
Task 7 Responding to Requests for Information about Places of Interest The speaker is able to supply appropriate and well-formed questions and responses in a dialogue centering on requests for information.
Task 8 Discussing Advantages/Disadvantages of Two Related Objects The speaker is able to compare and contrast the objects by giving at least two advantages and/or disadvantages of each.
Level Two: Advanced TASK 9 Giving Directions from a Map The speaker is able to give directions to a location clearly and thoroughly, so as to enable a listener to understand what route should be taken to reach a destination.
TASK 10 Presenting a Solution to a Specific Problem The speaker is able to clearly state and express a position on a topic and to present convincing arguments supporting that position. The speaker is able to relate an abstract issue to the specifics of the situation.
Task 11 Presenting a Solution to a Complex Hypothetical Problem The speaker is able to present a solution to a complex hypothetical problem.