EPTA is the English proficiency test for Aviation, which is designed to ICAO language proficiency testing requirements.

The English Proficiency Test for Aviation, or EPTA is a test of speaking and listening proficiency specially designed to apply to the aviation context and to comply with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) language proficiency testing requirements.

The EPTA consists of two (2) parts or sections: a Tape-Mediated Section and a Face-to-Face Interview. Each section consists of various tasks which are arranged in order of difficulty, starting with the easiest task and ending with the hardest task. All of the tasks contain various aviation-related topics or situations that are of four (4) different kinds: picture-based, topic-based, situation-based, and rendering communications-based.

Tape-Mediated Section Type of the EPTA
10 tasks / 20 questions
30 minutes
- ETPA for Pilot
- EPTA for Tower Controller
- EPTA for Radar Controller
- EPTA for Students
Face-to-Face Interview
5 tasks / 5 questions
10~20 minutes
The EPTA Cabin Crew is designed to assess and measure the listening and speaking ability of a cabin crew member in his/her day-to-day interactions. The assessment will be based on specific, pre-determined criteria, and the cabin crew member will be rated on his/her responses to the different work-related tasks, questions, and situations presented in the test.

Through this measure of English-writing proficiency, the non-native English speaker can be guided to progressively develop his/her English language skills to higher levels, thereby enhancing his/her communication skills in English as well as his/her confidence in using them.

Section 1 Grammar, Listening, Reading 80 min.
Section 2 Speaking Test 60 min.
Each situation, topic, and question or requirement is carefully chosen and derived from the different work activities that a cabin crew generally performs.

1. Pre-flight briefing
2. Pre-boarding
3. Passengers boarding
4. Pre-departure
5. In-flight services
6. Before landing
7. Deplaning/Disembarking
8. Handing over to another set of cabin crew
9. Post-flight meeting