G-TELP Speaking Test

The G-TELP Speaking Test is a Measure of General Egnlish Language Oral Proficiency

An examinee's performance is shown on the profiles A and B:

Profile A: Task and Level Performance
Task and Level Performance shows the examinee’s overall performance on each task.

Profile B: Skill Area Performance at Mastery Level
Skill Area Performance reflects the examinee’s performance in each skill at his/her mastery level.

*Rating: The examinee's performance on all 11 tasks is given and the graph shows the percentage of scores for five skill areas (Content, Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, and Fluency). Also, an explanation of the examinee’s overall speaking performance is provided.
*Description: An explanation of each skill for the examinee's performance is provided.

Release of Test Results
The result will be released no later than seven working days after the test date on G-TELP websites, and original score reports will be printed out or mailed out directly to test-takers within two weeks from the test date.

Validity of Test Results
A test report will not be reissued if two years have passed since taking the test because English skill may improve or decline over time.