About ITSC

Who We Are
ITSC is a research-oriented, independent educational measurement and evaluation organization that aims to provide equal educational opportunities to people all over the world.

International Testing Services Center (ITSC) has been providing qualified and reliable educational services worldwide since 1985. ITSC was originally affiliated with the College of Extended Studies at San Diego State University, which administered G-TELP as a college admission test. Since then, G-TELP has been recognized as an English assessment leader for government organizations in the US, China, and Japan, and has been designated as an official English evaluation tool at the 1988 Seoul Olympic and 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

ITSC is deeply committed to improving English assessment and providing high-quality English programs worldwide.

Over the past 30 years, ITSC has conducted rigorous research studies and projects on educational assessment. ITSC materials have been developed in coordination with renowned linguists and faculty members at the University of California Los Angeles, Lado International College, and Georgetown University.

San Diego State University, Georgetown University, and Lado International College administered G-TELP as a college admission test.

What We Do
ITSC develops, administers, and evaluates G-TELP tests for people of all ages. Currently, G-TELP is used as an English language test for elementary, middle, high school, and university students, as well as government agencies, national airlines, and many leading businesses and organizations.

ITSC also offers G-TELP Business, specialized tests that reflect the business world and utilize authentic situations and materials. G-TELP Jr. is a practical assessment that can help young learners to verify their current level of English skills, establish their own goals, and monitor their progress.

G-TELP is one of the world’s most recognized English language assessment tools, with a fast-growing number of test-takers in Korea, China, and Japan.

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ITSC GROUP is deeply committed to improving English assessment(s) and other related issues by providing full support to rigorous research studies and projects on English Linguistic and Education, academic publishing, international academic exchanges, and other methods of scholarly communication. We aim to give diverse and rich opportunities to all scholars and researchers to expand their horizons in mapping, evaluating and advancing high-quality English assessments and measurements both nationwide and worldwide.

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