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  • G-TELP

    The General Tests of English Language Proficiency (G-TELP) assess English language proficiency at five different levels of functional ability.

  • G-TELP

    The G-TELP Speaking Test assesses proficiency in spoken English at different levels of functional ability.

  • G-TELP

    The G-TELP Writing Test is designed to measure the English writing proficiency of nonnative speakers of English.

  • G-TELP

    The G-TELP Business Test assesses an examinee’s ability to use English to communicate in a business setting.

  • G-TELP

    The G-TELP Junior Tests assess the English language proficiency of young students at five different levels.

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The General Tests of English Language Proficiency assesses the English Language proficiency of
nonnative speakers in real-world situations



G-TELP IBT Home Edition

ITSC has recently released G-TELP IBT Home Edition, an at-home testing solution that has been developed in response to circumstances in which test takers have been affected by the pandemic. Students can take not only G-TELP Level Tests but also Speaking and Writing Tests at home, and all Home Edition tests being administered are identical in content and level of difficulty to the G-TELP tests that are administered at test venues. Test takers only need a headset and a desktop or laptop with a camera in order to take the G-TELP IBT Home Edition test. For further information, please contact an agency in your country.


ITSC Research Grant Program

ITSC (International Testing Services Center) is deeply committed to improving English assessment(s) and other related issues by providing full support to rigorous research studies and projects on English Linguistic and Education, academic publishing, international academic exchanges, and other methods of scholarly communication. We aim to give diverse and rich opportunities to all scholars and researchers to expand their horizons in mapping, evaluating and advancing high-quality English assessments and measurements both nationwide and worldwide.


ITSC Research Grant Program Award Recipient presents the results of a study in AAAL 2021 Virtual Conference

The 2021 conference of the American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL), which has a reputation as a comprehensive and stimulating conference, was convened virtually from March 20 to 23, 2021. A recipient of the ITSC Research Grant Program grant presented the results of her study during a paper session of the AAAL conference. The author is Eunice Yunjung Nam, a Ph.D. student at Georgia State University, and she made a presentation entitled “Stakeholders’ Beliefs About G-TELP Test as a Measure of English Proficiency Required for Professional Purposes.” Her study aims to explore stakeholder beliefs towards the G-TELP (General Tests of English Language Proficiency), which is designed by International Testing Services Center (ITSC) to assess general English proficiency of non-native speakers, and attempts to explore the stakeholder’s beliefs about the G-TELP Level 2 test in order to provide valuable insights on what should be further researched for test quality and valid score use. The presentation lasted 20 minutes and was followed by 10 minutes of discussion. According to the researcher, her study is now being finalized and the final version should be ready for publication soon. The current version of her paper is now available.

Click the link down below to view the results of the study (As of April 2021).


ITSC Research Grant Program Award Recipient Participates in ECOLT 2020

ITSC supports research programs to disseminate knowledge in the field of language assessment(s) and second/foreign language acquisition and offers research grant programs. Eunice Yunjung Nam, a Ph.D. student of Georgia State University, is one of Ph. D students awarded ITSC Research Grant Program grant for her project titled: “Stakeholders’ Beliefs about G-TELP Level 2 Test as a Measure of English Proficiency Required for Professional Purposes.” She participated in the 2020 East Coast Organization of Language Testers (ECOLT) Conference, which represents an East Coast group of professionals, scholars, and students involved in language testing projects and research. The conference was held virtually from October 29th to October 31st, 2020, and Eunice Yunjung Nam presented her research, which is a work in progress, at the conference. Her study aims to explore stakeholder beliefs towards the G-TELP (The General Tests of English Language Proficiency), which is designed by ITSC to assess general English proficiency of non-native speakers. ITSC is constantly working to provide new programs for scholars and young researchers in linguistics to support their research projects.


Launching Soon: The Junior G-TELP Speaking and Writing Tests

We are soon to launch the Junior G-TELP Speaking and Junior G-TELP Writing Tests (Jr. GST and Jr. GWT). Educational institutes can use the Jr. GST and Jr. GWT to evaluate their students’ current level of English proficiency and monitor their progress in learning English. The tests can also help in setting learning goals for the students and involve educators in advancing their students’ English ability.

Junior G-TELP Speaking Test
Each Level Test is fifteen (15) minutes long, except for the Level 5 Test which is only twelve (12) minutes long. Each test is composed of fifteen (15) questions. The questions are divided into five (5) different parts:

Part 1: Introducing self
Part 2: Reading aloud
Part 3: Responding to questions
Part 4: Reading figures
Part 5: Describing a picture/Giving information/Giving an opinion

Junior G-TELP Writing Test
The Test varies in duration from twelve (12) minutes to forty (40) minutes, depending on the level of difficulty. Each test is composed of five (5) parts, with the number of questions also varying depending on the level of difficulty

Part 1 : Number/Sentence
Part 2 : Word/Sentence/Personal letter
Part 3 : Color/Date/Fill out a form/Business letter
Part 4 : Word/Question about a picture/Date/Narrate a story/Write about a graph
Part 5: Describe a picture/Narrate a story/Chat online/Write an opinion essay


Seeking for a New Partner Agency in Taiwan

Please be informed that the agency contract between ITSC GROUP and American Life Learning, the company that ran G-TELP in Taiwan until 2018, has been terminated.

We are now looking for a new agency in Taiwan to run the G-TELP operations reliably. We guarantee an amicable and mutually productive work relationship with the prospective partner agency. We highly value our partners and ensure the best outcomes for the partnership. We always keep them informed and updated on the latest developments about the company, including our most recent offerings. This way, we make it easier and more efficient for our partners to assist our customers in their decision-making and application processes. For more information, please email us at


ITSC and G-TELP PHILIPPINES renew the contract

The ITSC group and G-TELP Philippines had renewed the agency contract on October 07, 2018. G-TELP Philippines conducts G-TELP English language proficiency tests at testing centers throughout the Philippines including Manila, Clark, and Baguio. The two companies will continue actively cooperating with each other to develop and distribute programs that can improve students' English skills.


Collaborative research agreement between ITSC and NE education

Collaborative Research Agreement(CRA) is contract between ITSC and NE education that are cooperating in the conduct of a research program for Junior English.

Collaborative Research Agreements may include terms governing the following :
- Publication of the research results
- Transfer of materials among the collaborating organizations