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ITSC (International Testing Services Center) has been providing qualified and reliable educational programs worldwide since 1984. Originally affiliated with the College of Extended Studies at San Diego State University, ITSC has recently separated from SDSU to form a worldwide organization composed of specialists in the fields of applied linguistics and education. ITSC is firmly committed to the continued development and refinement of programs designed to help English as a Foreign Language (EFL) students of all levels learn English. At ITSC, we take our motto of “Reliability and Validity” in education and testing, very seriously.
ITSC is an organization that provides educational programs and testing services worldwide. We have developed numerous English language assessment tools and educational programs, customizing them as required for different applications and uses. These tools and programs were the result of exhaustive research and application of relevant principles from the fields of educational assessment, educational measurement research, and analysis. Currently, ITSC has the capacity to administer written tests to 60,000 examinees and speaking tests to another 20,000 examinees every day. The results of these tests can be rated in as quickly as one day, because of an online scoring system which enables raters to assess and assign scores from anywhere in the world. The online scoring system is supported and made possible by our rater training program?an intensive program designed to ensure inter and intra-rater reliability and validity.