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The General Tests of Language Proficiency (G-TELP™) Speaking Test is an assessment system that was specifically designed as a measure of English-language oral proficiency of nonnative speakers of English (NNS). The Speaking Test can be administered to all NNS of English with different levels of oral proficiency:
The Speaking Test is appropriate for examines who need English-speaking skills in a variety of contexts and who are at the secondary and college/university levels of education or in adult training/professional programs.
The G-TELP Speaking Test can be administered and scored by institutions that have been duly licensed and trained by G-TELP Services, in countries throughout the world, to be used by the following:
students of all schools, colleges, universities and technical schools;
students expecting to attend schools where English is the medium of instruction;
students in technical training institutions;
individuals in organizations that provide employee training;
individuals such as teachers and students who are studying English;
translators and interpreters whose work requires the oral communications of authentic English texts, speeches, or media broadcasts;
professionals and employees who need varying levels of English oral proficiency to perform their work;
employees of government agencies and businesses that require certain levels of English oral proficiency for specific positions; and
tourists planning to visit English-speaking countries.
Results of the G-TELP Speaking Test, in conjunction the G-TELP battery, can greatly assist in making decisions related to the following: